All rates are based on either a half day, 9am to 1pm or 2pm to 6pm or a full day 9am to 6pm. Overtime rates will strictly apply outside these times. Please allow enough time for setting up and taking down.

Studio A : 

Monday to Friday        Full Day        £ 315.00     Half Day       £ 230.00

Saturday & Sunday     Full Day        £ 380.00     Half Day       £ 275.00

Studio B :

Monday to Friday        Full Day Only       £ 140.00

Saturday & Sunday     Full Day  Only      £ 210.00

Both Studios Combined :

Monday to Friday        Full Day        £ 420.00     Half Day       £ 315.00

Saturday & Sunday     Full Day        £ 535.00      Half Day       £ 380.00

Private Production Office :

If privacy and extra space is needed consider adding the production office to your hire for only £ 35.00 p/d

If its just the office space you require we can offer this singly for £ 50 p/d on weekdays.

Please Note, Bank Holidays are treated as weekend rates


Overtime, Either Studio or When Combined :

Special Early Bird, either studio or when combined. Weekdays 8am to 9am £ 30, Weekends 8am to 9am £ 45

Monday to Friday       6am to 8am  £ 45.00   6pm to 8pm   £ 45.00    8pm to 10pm   £ 65.00

Saturday & Sunday    6am to 8am  £ 55.00    6pm to 8pm   £ 55.00    8pm to 10pm   £75.00

All rates are per hour or part thereof.

Electricity :

Charged per unit when using HMI or Continuous and Tungsten lighting

Parking :

We have two onsite parking places available at £ 10 each which can be booked in advance.

All rates are subject to the addition of VAT at 20%